3 Harmful Effects of Malware on Your Computer

Malware, the word is used to denote malicious software that enters your computer without your will.

You never know where it came from as it can be hidden in any file you download, however, its effects are immediately visible! And then it becomes imperative that you delete it to keep your computer and your information private and confidential at all costs.

Let’s take a look at the harmful effects that are exhibited on your system when attacked by malware and see how you can eliminate it.

1. Infect Your Computer

The infection starts exactly like a virus that infects the human bloodstream. Imagine yourself visiting your favorite website, and a pop-up window appears asking you to allow the posting of certain ads on that website.

In your rush to continue browsing, you just read the pop-up and click Allow. It takes a second for this permission to allow a Trojan horse, spyware, or virus to enter your system. As long as the ad continues to run malware downloads on your computer.

You will notice unwanted dialog boxes on your screen that will disappear before you can make a choice or pop-up windows and that will disappear quickly if your system has actually been infected.

2. Save Your Text

Certain malware records the text as it writes to your system. This creates a huge security threat, as many times you don’t save your email addresses and passwords just because you don’t want the risk of your accounts being hacked if you are a victim of theft.

However, if the malware records your writing, every time you write your data, you are basically giving the malware exactly what it wants – your confidential information!

3. Slow Down Your System

A malware runs in the background. You will never see it in the front. All your software will work fine while malware is running in the background without your knowledge. However, the only difference you feel will be the slowdown of your computer.

The malware will run on your Random Access Memory (RAM) which will slow down as it will take up a lot of space.

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