6 Best Tools to Collect Information on a Target Web Application

Today we will be sharing 6 best tools to collect information that you exploit for the fast operation of a target web application.

If you are an Internet application security expert, pentester, or ethical hacker, you know that before testing the application, gathering information about the target is a really important and the basic step.

We will share our tips to gather more information about the goal in the fastest way. We are not talking about deep information scanning, but we are talking about the quick operation.

Gathering deep information takes time, but this blog is to give you a quick idea about your target application to help you believe in potential threats or vulnerabilities that you will expect in the target web application.

So, let’s start with the list of 6 Best Tools to Collect Information:

1. Wappalyzer

Image Credit: https://chrome.google.com/

Wappalyzer can be a very useful plugin that you will use in Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome.

You can use this plugin in your lifestyle and it serves you with very useful information about the webserver, Javascript libraries, CMS, WordPress, programming language, Widgets, etc.

2. Virustotal

Image Credit: https://www.bleepingcomputer.com/

Virustotal can be a website exploit for the operation.

We must say that this website provides useful information and is very fast.

In just a few seconds you will get information like Whois, multiple IPs, possibly most of the web app subdomain list which can extend its reach and sometimes provide cache links with confidential information.

3. Netcraft

Image Credit: https://www.netcraft.com/

Netcraft is also an Internet site that provides interesting information.

This website generates and provides you with information such as reports for each subdomain of the target web application.

Now, do you want to think about why you are using Netcraft after using Virustotal? We need to tell you that you simply shouldn’t believe a tool. Some tools will provide you with information that others cannot. Therefore, you must try different tools and collect unique information.

Netcraft, you will get useful information within the site report such as OS, web server, server-side technology, client-side technology, firewalls, script frameworks, etc.

4. Web Archive

web archive
Image Credit: https://blog.archive.org/

Web Archive is extremely useful once you want to match the target website with its previous version or when it was under development.

Web Archive can be a website that takes snapshots of an internet site every time a major change is implemented and stores those snapshots so you can compare the changes made to the target website to this day.

This will help you to notice the new features that the destination website has recently launched or the feature that is no longer available.

5. Censys

Image Credit: https://censys.io/

Censys is a web tool that can provide you with very confidential information about the ports on each IP information collected.

We must recommend this tool because at some point you will get the lowest fruits as open ports that are vulnerable and directly exploitable.

6. Google Dorks

google dorks

Finally, you can also test the manual tests with Google Dorks.

We are trying to gather useful links about the target web application. Using dorks, it will collect all the links that are cached by google links that are not handled properly and disclosing confidential information about the web application.

So this was the complete list of tools that you exploit to get the maximum information about the target application in the fastest way.

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