6 Simple Steps To UnHack Your Phone

We do our banking, we talk to friends and family, we access our email account and other personal information. That being said, mobile security is very important. You need to take action immediately if you think you have been hacked. If you’re thinking “My phone was hacked, how do I unhack it?”, Let’s take a look at what you can do.

Here is the 6 Simple Steps To UnHack Your Phone

1. Run An Antivirus And Malware Scan On The Device.

Run an antivirus and malware scan on the device

This is the easiest and most obvious way to find and remove malware or viruses. Since they don’t always have the same threat library, you should run scans with multiple applications.

2. Check Reputable Technology Websites For New Threats

Check Reputable Technology Websites For New Threats

Technology and cybersecurity websites often write about common new threats. They usually explain ways to remove malware and protect your phone.

3. Delete All Unknown Apps

Delete All Unknown Apps

Uninstall apps that you have installed without using the official app store. If an app looks suspicious, you can check it online to see if there is a threat.

4. Show To A Professional

Show to a Professional

Sometimes, you may need expert knowledge to remove a hacker from your phone. Take your phone to a reputable workshop. They can also perform more extensive maintenance checks.

5. Clean Your Device

Clean Your Device

This is a nuclear option. Clean the storage space on your device by restoring factory settings and reload only the apps you need.

6. Change All Your Passwords

Change All Your Passwords

Your accounts also have been compromised if your smartphone has been compromised. So Change the passwords of your email account, bank accounts, and other accounts (using a secure device, of course).

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