7 Ways To Tell If Your Phone Is Hacked

These are the most common symptoms that a hacked phone will exhibit. Individually, they can be annoying. But if your phone shows several of them, you can tell that you have a virus.

Here are the list of 7 Ways to Tell That Your Phone is Hacked

1. Your device is slowing down / heating up / draining the battery for no reason

draining battery

There are several reasons why the phone would slow down, heat up, or start consuming power.

If you have not recently performed an OS update and are not running any intensive applications, you should start to worry. This may be a sign that malware is running in the background. Hackers may be using your phone to mine cryptocurrency, which requires a lot of resources.

That is why you need to check what apps are running, how much memory they are using, and how much free space exists on your device. If you can’t find the reason, hackers may have infected your phone.

2. Your contacts receive messages that you never sent

contacts receive messages

The malware on your phone can use your email, instant messaging services, and text messages to spread to your contacts. Usually, it sends messages to your name and attaches a link or file that would infect other devices. If someone complains about something suspicious you sent, start investigating it.

3. Your data usage increases without you doing anything / there is an increase in your telephone bill

data usage

Unexpected increases in data usage could mean your phone was hacked to send data; for example, extract cryptocurrencies or steal your photos. It can also mean that a hacker is spying on you or something similar. Check your app’s data usage and see which app can be blamed for that.

You may also notice that your phone bill has increased, but you don’t remember having made so many calls. It would be a signal to check in your records the numbers you don’t remember calling. If you find it, be aware that your phone might have been hacked and that criminals are using it as a proxy.

Also, be aware of strange background noises and interference when making a call. It may be a sign of weak reception. However, it can also show that your call is being tapped, and someone is spying on you when listening to your calls.

4. Look at a new application that you did not install and/or the antivirus software has been uninstalled.

new application

The former means that someone, a hacker, an abusive spouse, or someone else has installed spyware on your phone. The latter can be the effect of a virus that protects itself: malware sometimes uninstalls antivirus software.

5. Your phone settings mysteriously change

Your phone settings mysteriously change

If your phone was physically accessed, the culprit could have changed the settings manually. If you notice that Bluetooth is activated even though you are not using it, this may be a sign of malware using it to infect other devices, or to transmit data.

6. The phone reboots for no reason, may not turn off at all or act strangely


It’s bad if your phone reboots without warning, doesn’t close or open apps, and calls people on its own. Software errors can cause that. It can also be a sign that a virus or hacker is accessing your phone remotely.

7. Purchases that did not appear on your credit card

Purchases that did not appear on your credit card

This could indicate some other form of credit card fraud, but a hacked phone is one of the ways a thief can use to avoid fraud protection. Also, your phone is worth checking if your bank informs you that they blocked a suspicious transaction.

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