Cybrary Offers 7 Free Online Courses to Enhance IT Security and IT Education

This month, the College Park, Maryland-based company is offering free courses on topics like network security and the cloud to support cyber professionals affected by COVID-19.

Cybrary, based in College Park, Maryland, offers seven free online courses in cybersecurity and computing this month.

The five-year-old company manages an IT certification and learning preparation platform to foster professional development in cybersecurity. Cybrary offers free courses to support cyber professionals affected by the COVID-19 pandemic. Available course topics range from cloud threat intelligence, network security, and more.

“The lasting effects of COVID-19 have been felt across industries and our dedication to supporting affected professionals during this unprecedented crisis remains unwavering,” said Cybrary co-founder and CEO Ryan Corey in a statement. “Through this free offering, we hope to reward and encourage ongoing training in cybersecurity and IT to help people rejoin the workforce and help build a safer digital world by providing learning opportunities available to all.”

Here are the seven free courses offered by Cybrary this month:

  1. Cyber ​​Network Security
  1. Introduction to Cyber ​​Threat Intelligence
  1. Advanced Cyber Threat Intelligence
  1. Web Defense Fundamentals
  1. Kali Linux Fundamental
  1. Cloud Security Knowledge Certificate (CCSK)
  1. Microsoft 365 Fundamentals

The difficulty of the course varies from beginner to advanced, with a runtime ranging from one hour to over nine hours per course. Online classes will be free from now until August 1.

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