How Cyber Security is Different From Information Security

Cyber security and Information security have to do with the security and protection of computer systems against information breaches and threats, but they are also very different. One has to do with data protection in cyberspace, while the other deals with data protection in general.

To understand the difference between cybersecurity and Information security, it is important to first understand each one of them and find the type of connection between them.

What is Cyber Security?

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting information and data from external sources on the Internet.

Cybersecurity developers provide protection for networks, servers, intranet and computer systems. It also ensures that only authorized people will have access to that information.

In an office, one person can go to another’s computer, install a flash drive, and copy confidential information. This falls more in the category of information security.

If someone on the other side of the world manages to hack into another company’s network and breach their system, then that company needs better cybersecurity.

What is Information Security?

Information security is about protecting information and information systems from unauthorized use, evaluation, modification, or deletion. 

It is similar to data security in which it has to do with protecting data from being hacked or stolen. Data is classified as information that means something. When certain things are stored in a computer system, they are considered as data.

Once it becomes information, it is when you need protection from external sources. These external sources may not necessarily be in cyberspace.

Difference Between Cyber Security And Information Security

Difference Between Cyber Security And Information Security

While many people still consider them the same, they are actually different. Their capabilities are different. Both protect officers from stolen, accessed, or modified information and data, but that’s where the similarities end.

The information does not have to be on a computer to need an information security system. Even if it is stored in a filing cabinet, you need good information security. Cyber ​​Security is concerned with protecting data and information from external sources in cyberspace or on the Internet.

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