How To Find Fake Reviews In Amazon

Most of us buy products online and most of us use the services of e-commerce giants – Amazon. Before purchasing any product online on Amazon, we often check reviews to find out its quality. And often the review determines whether we buy the product or not.

However, some of you may have felt that the reviews are not genuine for all the products listed there. Yes, you were right, product sellers often resort to unethical practices such as fake reviews to fool customers into buying their product by exaggerating its quality.  

Similarly, there may be an abundance of reviews on Amazon with conflicting opinions. It is almost impossible to separate fake reviews from real ones.

To solve this problem, Fakespot, is a website that attempts to identify products that are likely to be unfairly reviewed by the community. Additionally, it provides

  • Percentage of Trusted Reviews
  • Total Number of Reviews
  • Interesting tidbit
  • How do reviewers describe things
  • Involved in any deception
  • Material quality 

How to use the website

Copy and paste the Amazon product URL into the center of the Fakespot website page, which you are going to buy. Tapping on “Review of Analysis” reveals the above details about product reviews.

Usability of website

This website protects us from fraud and makes our online shopping experience enjoyable. It also saves our money from being wasted on products that are misrepresented through fake reviews.

How efficient are Fakespot reviews

We have actually compared the final reviews of various Amazon products shown by Fakespot with the actual performance of the product. Based on experience, we feel that Fakespot Final Review is in reality the actual performance of the product.

Fakespot Options

Fakespot options include Reviewmeta, which analyzes Amazon product reviews and filters out reviews that seem un-natural. Like Fakespot, here too you need to copy and paste the URL of the Amazon product page, to find the actual reviews of the product.

Other useful tools for online shopping:

Honey Add-on:

Honey is a shopping add. It automates the search and application of the best coupon or code, so that you get the best price. 
URL: Honey Add-on

Invisible Add-on:

Invisible Add-on is another shopping add-on. It automatically searches the Internet to find the lowest price product online and informs the user.
URL: Invisible Add-on


The Fakespot website is a must for every online customer. Those who have reviewed will potentially protect them from counterfeit products. Thus the effort to find the right reviews of the product through Fakespot is entirely beneficial.

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