SBI customers should be careful know how hackers hack your account and card

This is special for the account holders of State Bank of India (SBI), the country’s largest public sector bank. Especially because many reports have revealed that SBI account holders are always on the target of hackers. Most targets for hackers are senior citizens. Hackers easily catch the senior citizen and then empty their accounts.

How Hackers Hack Your Account 

Hackers call themselves bank employees through phone calls and get information like ATM PIN, OTP, and credit card number and hack your bank account. Money is withdrawn from the bank account before you know it. Fraud people often call from landlines. They already have your information, your number, etc. available, due to which people easily believe their words.

These customers are targeted 

Callers scare you by saying that your credit or debit card is going to be blocked. Many times they talk about updating the bank data, they take you into their lure. Some frauds may do so that the card will be upgraded after updating the information. You are asked for information over the phone and you may be asked to tell the OTP. As soon as you say OTP they hack your online banking account and eat your account very easily.

Keep these things in mind

Always keep in mind that no bank official ever asks for information related to your account over the phone. The bank never asks for information about your bank account, ATM PIN nor credit card. In such a situation, if someone calls you and tells you that he is speaking to your bank, then inquire with him first. Do not share information related to your account by mistake also. Even if you make a call by becoming a bank officer, never accidentally share your debit-credit card information, PIN number, or OTP.

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