Thai Hospitals And Businesses Hit By Ransomware Attacks

Ransomware attack disrupted hospitals and businesses in Thailand.

Thailand’s hospitals and businesses were targeted by hackers who retained their computer systems and data ransom, demanding payment to restore the information, police said on Thursday.

“Hospitals and government companies were hacked in the same way as Saraburi Hospital,” Maj. Gen. Phanthana Nutchanart said, referring to a cyber attack earlier this month.

Saraburi Hospital was unable to access his data on September 5, slowing down operations that relied on manual functions, but the hospital did not receive a demand for payment.

Some organizations that received ransom demands have already paid to recover data, in amounts not exceeding one million baht ($ 32,000), he said, adding that the total number of affected organizations is still being investigated.

The hackers targeted organizations with a “ransomware” code, which locks files on a computer and encrypts them, blocking access until the ransom is paid, usually in cryptocurrencies like bitcoin.

In 2017, the WannaCry ransomware attack disrupted hospitals and businesses around the world.

Thai police believe the virus originated in Europe.

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