The Complete Android Ethical Hacking Practical Course C|AEHP

100% Hands-On Real World Practical Approach on Android Ethical Hacking. Learn to Prevent FACEBOOK , INSTAGRAM hacking!

Hello everyone !

Welcome to CAEHP, that is, the complete Android Ethical Hacking hands-on course.

My name is DEBAYAN DEY and I will be your CAEHP Course Instructor.

CAEHP is one of the most comprehensive 100% hands-on real-world hands-on approaches to Android ethical hacking … !!!

Now, this course is designed for anyone who is interested in learning how an attacker attacks and obtaining information from the victim.

CAEHP is designed with in mind that most of us don’t have laptops or computers to work with most of the time. That is why in the curriculum of this course, you do not need any laptop or computer system.

You only need an Android device and this entire course is 100% practical!

Isn’t this amazing ???

Yes, besides the most important thing, you don’t need to root your Android device.

waaoo !!! So all in one, you just need an Android phone and turn it into a powerful ethical hacking machine.

A short summary about my name, I am a Certified Safe Computer User (CSCU) v2 and Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH V10) from EC COUNCIL

I am also certified in Google IT support from Google, and I am currently micromaster in the field of cybersecurity from the Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) of New York at edx.

These are some of my other achievements in the field of cyber security,

Introduction to Cyberattacks, New York University

Introduction to Cyber ​​Security for Business, University of Colorado System

Palo Alto Networks Academy Cybersecurity Foundation, Palo Alto Networks

International Cyber ​​Conflicts, The State University of New York

Countermeasures Against Cyber ​​Attacks, New York University

Network Architecture and Security with Vmware NSX

Enterprise Systems Security and Management, University of Colorado System

Rest up, we will have a meet and greet section to meet other Students … !!!

so what’s in this CAEHP COURSE?

First of all I would love to tell you that this course is not limited to time.

You may see section 6 or 7 today, once you enter this course after a few weeks you will see more sections and videos added. so this is the advantage of taking this course that you will get regular updates on new features and attacks and how you as an individual can prevent such an attack.

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