Types of Hackers

Hackers are of different categories, such as white hat hackers, black hat white hat hackers, and grey hat hackers, based on their intention to hack a system.

  • White hat hackers
  • Black Hat Hackers
  • Script Kiddies
  • Grey hat Hackers
  • Hired hackers
  • Spy hackers
  • Elite hackers

White hat hackers

These are right-thinking people, and they are computer security experts who are experts in penetration testing and other methods to ensure that the information of a company or organization is secure.

These IT security professionals rely on and defend the ever-evolving arsenal of technology to fight criminally-minded hackers.

Black Hat Hackers

These are wrong-thinking or criminal people. Black hat hackers break into networks, computers, create computer viruses. Black hat hackers technologically try to outperform white hats.

These hackers can access your computer and compromise your private data and can even sell it.

Grey hat hackers

Grey Hat hackers have the qualities of a White hat and Black hat hacker. They surf the Internet and search for vulnerable systems in computers, networks or telephone systems.

After finding the vulnerability, they hack it and inform the system administrator what or how they have done it and charge a small fee to detect and fix the vulnerability.

So they are also White Hat hackers. But they do it all without the permission of the website, computer or network owner, this way they are hackers.

Script Kiddies

These people do not have a solid knowledge of piracy. Instead, they use ready-to-use tools (created or developed by other hackers) to break into a computer or network.

These types of hackers have little or no programming knowledge and hack for fame, fun and entertainment.

Hired hackers

Controlling cyberspace and defending nations from cyber warfare remains their main motto.

State-sponsored hackers have unlimited time and funds to attack civilians, corporations, and governments.

Spy hackers

Many corporations hire hackers to infiltrate competition, trade, and trade secrets. Those hackers can hack from abroad or get a job to act like a mole.

Spy hackers can use tactics similar to hacktivists, but their only agenda is to meet their clients’ goals and charge them.

Elite hackers

They are treated like the masters of all hackers. They have fame and reputation among other hackers, as we have recognized the older people in our society.

Elites are high-level hackers in hacker communities. They are known as Hacking-gurus or masters of hacking and cheating.

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