What is Keylogger and 3 easy ways to detect Keylogger in windows

The key loggers secretly record the keys pressed on the keyboard, so that the person using the keyboard is not known. It can be hardware and software. The hardware keylogger is the size of a small battery, which connects to the user’s keyboard and computer. The installer has to physically remove the device to obtain information later. Because this device looks like a normal keyboard plug, it is easy to hide. 

How to identify installed keyloggers?

Press the Hot Key:  There is a shortcut to open each keylogger. This is usually a mixture of 4 keys, ctrl + alt + shift + (A to Z). So press the first three keys simultaneously and keep pressing the fourth key (A to Z) to open the keylogger. 

Pay attention to the process that is running: Even on the software programs running in the background, some process must be running in the system. To identify the keylogger, you can open the task manager and see the running process.

Use a keylogger detector: Use any reliable key-logger tool. 

How to protect yourself from key logger

Antivirus: Especially when you use Torrents to download video games or software.

Prevention: Do not download suspicious files from any unknown source.

Use the screen keyboard to type the password. It escapes the key logger using the mouse to type the password. 

Use of Linux: There is no keylogger based on Linux.

Read this article to realize the horrors of Keylogger:

Courtesy:  https://www.pcworld.com/article/3240998/laptop-computers/hp-laptops-keylogger.html

HP patches hundreds of laptops to remove the hidden key-logger: if you’ve ever purchased an HP laptop in the last five years, it can track all the keys you’ve touched. Over the weekend, HP reported that about 500 notebooks dating back to 2012 were sent with a secret key-logger. Following the announcement, the driver was updated to remove the software from the affected laptop.

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